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Bundle & Save Tests

Equip your patients with the information they need to pair tests together and create a custom bundle unique to their needs.

When they understand the depth and importance of test combining, they're better positioned to make proactive choices for their overall health.

A well-informed patient is a step closer to healing.
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We're excited to offer a new promo: save on at-home testing by bundling multiple tests.


Whether you’re looking to explore your gut health, hormone levels, or micronutrient status, our comprehensive lab bundles provide a holistic view of your health—all from the comfort of your home.


Take control of your well-being with convenient, accurate, and affordable testing.

🩺✨ Your health journey, made easier and more cost-effective.

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New Promo Alert: Bundle & Save on At-Home Tests! 🏠🧪

Why choose just one test when you can get a comprehensive health overview? Our new bundled lab test packages let you combine multiple tests at a discounted rate.


Perfect for diving deep into your gut health, hormones, or nutrient levels—all from the comfort of your home. Get more insights, save more money.

Ready to take charge of your health? Tap the link in our bio to learn more!

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